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Tawa ice cream in Bhopal is the new trend

The city of lakes never fails to entice tourist and citizens with its pleasant weather, history, food and eerie characters. Bhopal, the gastronomic zion, never fails to welcome different food varieties entering the city. From Indori poha jalebi to Irani chai, you can find many delicacies from around the world here. This time it’s Thailand’s famous street food – rolled ice cream a. k. a -tawa ice cream. However, the city has made this Thai import it’s own and rechristened it the ‘tawa ice cream.’

According to Wikipedia:
“Stir-fried ice cream existed in Thailand by 2009, as a way of just mixing ingredients together with fruits and different types of candies. There were a few vendors at the time, and it was not popular yet. Around 2011–2012, the ice cream became more popular in Thailand and began to spread to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, and Cambodia in 2012. It spread worldwide in 2015 from internet viral videos”

What is Tawa ice cream?

To make the tawa ice cream, the ice cream chef pour milk or cream on a metal plate and cool it to around -23 degrees Celsius. Then fruits, chocolate chips, candies, cookies, gulab jamun, sweet paan and more are added to the milk/cream. It is then immediately chopped up using spatulas. The mashed ingredients are then quickly spread on the cold metal surface to form a thin sheet and then scraped into rolls and served.

What is the difference between the Thai rolled ice cream and the Indian version?

While the Thai version uses thick cream, the tawa version uses milk or cream. Some of the ingredients used in the tawa version are frozen specifically to be used in the ice cream. Some uniquely Indian flavors make it different from the Thai version. In the Thai version, fresh and seasonal fruits are used. Also, the tawa version rolls are not as thin as those being served on the streets of Thailand.
There is a wide variety of flavored tawa ice cream in India as well as around the world. Some of them are very different from pizza mush to some like chilly chat. Tawa ice creams in Bhopal are very few but the craze is starting to kick in and shows future blast in tawa ice cream business. Bakeryvakery has brought an entire range of delicious finger-lickin’ flavors and people are loving it.

Tawa ice cream in India is the new craze. Forget the same old regular ice cream scoops and cone. Enjoy the new art. There are few tawa ice cream in Bhopal, but they are worth trying. The food expert quote tawa ice cream the new revolutionary form of food which India accepted and engraved it into its own form and color.


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